Certified ScrumMaster in Stockholm

By popular demand, we offer the ScrumMaster training in English in Stockholm this spring.

The quiet and welcoming facilities of Freys’ ”Lilla Rådmannen” at Rådmansg. 67, a mere ten minute walk from Stockholm C, will host two days of intense and inspiring training for agile team leaders and budding ScrumMasters. The training will be facilitated by Mikael Lundgren, who will share many stories from his close to 20 years experience of agile leadership and transformations.

You will have plenty of time to interact with other participants in discussions and sharing experiences, and you will return home with a thorough understanding of the mechanisms behind an agile leadership and how to apply your leadership to coach high-performing teams and individuals.

Through the course, we will not only gain an understanding on why Scrum is still a powerful framework for understanding and implementing agile in your organization, but also how it can be combined with – and leveraged through – flow-based frameworks such as Kanban, and see how it fits into SAFe, LESS and Lean Product Development as a whole.

This is a training for people who are interested in coaching people and teams. We don’t play games- we look at research, talk about real cases, and share stories. There’s usually equal amounts of laughter and thoughtful introspection, and if you participate the full two days, you will be registered as eligible to take the ScrumMaster Certification test at Scrum Alliance, at your convenience.

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