Certified Scrum Product Owner (CSPO)

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Scrum_Product_Owner_SealCertified Scrum Product Owner, CSPO for short, is a two-day interactive leadership training designed to develop your skills in agile product leadership. In cooperation with Scrum Alliance, we offer the training with a unique view of Swedish and global organizations and how agile product management is changing the way we view and conduct business today and tomorrow.

Whether you participate in, or lead agile product- and business endeavours, this training will give you a head start in valuable principles, practices and hands-on tools for leading the development, creating an agile pull system, understand how to interact with the market, functional managers, teams and ScrumMasters, and how to best use Scrum to your advantage.

From the agenda

These are the main topics covered by the training:

  • A brief history of Lean and Agile
  • Scrum as a business framework
  • Iterative work – plan, execute, support, review
  • Useful agile KPI’s and Earned Value the agile way
  • Scrum roles, which, why, how
  • Agile marketing and product ownership
  • Scrum and non-product developing businesses
  • Lean Startup and Scrum
  • Features, Epics, Stories – agile requirement flow
  • Complexity analysis, risk analysis, impact mapping
  • Priority techniques
  • Visual planning and forecasts
  • Agile portfolio management
  • Scaling Scrum vs. SAFe and other frameworks – a case study

During training, we create a model project to try out the various techniques.

Agil produktledning - bokParticipants receive the training material as an e-book (PDF or Kindle version) containing not only the tools and techniques mentioned, but also many stories and anecdotes from the author’s experience of leading organizational transformations and coaching leaders over the years.